Dental Sealants – Coppell, TX

Protect Your Favorite Smile From the Threat of Cavities

Cavities are one of the most common oral health problems that we treat here at Linda A. Steele, DDS, which is why we have a No Cavity VIP Wall! Our goal is to provide children with the preventive care, education, and tools they need to keep their smiles healthy and happy, which is why we offer dental sealants in Coppell. Despite being preventable, cavities can wreak havoc on smiles and cause discomfort like dental sensitivity. To help keep this from happening to your favorite grin, we invite you to schedule a consultation to learn more about dental sealants and whether they’re a worthwhile investment for your child.

Why Choose Linda A. Steele, DDS for Dental Sealants?

  • Non-Invasive, Highly Effective Cavity Prevention
  • Pediatric Dentist with 25+ Years of Experience
  • Cavity-Free Patients Get Their Star on Our VIP Wall

What are Dental Sealants?

Dental sealants aren’t a complex treatment at all—they’re pain-free, discreet, and can continue protecting teeth for years to come. They’re clear, plastic-like coatings that are brushed over the biting surface of molars and premolars, providing them with a barrier. That way, when your child eats and the food debris and saliva mix to form plaque, it won’t be able to accumulate in the hard-to-brush nooks and crannies of their teeth because they’ll remain protected. This prevents tartar from forming, bacteria from building up within the mouth, and most importantly stop decay.

The Process of Placing Dental Sealants

Dental sealants only take a short time to place. To prepare the teeth, one of our dental hygienists will thoroughly clear away all plaque and tartar, making sure it doesn’t become trapped beneath the sealants. Then, Dr. Steele will dry their teeth, which will allow the adhesive solution to be more effective when it comes time to place the sealants. After applying the adhesive to each of the molars and premolars, our team will have your child rinse their mouth and we’ll dry the teeth again. Then, we’ll brush a thin layer of the clear coating over each of the chewing surfaces of their teeth.

To cure the sealants, we’ll shine a light into the mouth. This will allow them to withstand daily chewing over the next several years, ensuring long-term cavity protection.

Who Can Dental Sealants Help?

Dental sealants are commonly recommended for children because they’re at a higher risk of developing cavities since they’re still learning how to properly take care of their smile. When paired with routine checkups and cleanings and good at-home oral hygiene, this preventive treatment is highly effective at stopping cavities from forming. By creating a smooth surface on the molars, brushing allows your child to more easily remove pesky food particles and plaque to drastically reduce their risk of decay.