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Dental sealants are one of the greatest forms of protection that we have against tooth decay. Sealants are placed on the chewing surfaces of the back teeth and provide extensive protection against plaque and bacteria. As a leading kids dentist for Coppell, TX residents, Linda Steele, DDS recommends using dental sealants in conjunction with fluoride treatments as the best way to protect your child’s teeth.

How do dental sealants work?

Sealants are clear or white plastic materials that are applied to the back teeth in order to protect the pits and grooves. Sealants have been proven to greatly reduce instances of tooth decay. Sealants are typically applied to 1st molars around age 6 and the 2nd molars around 12 years of age, as these are the most susceptible to bacteria. However, sealants can be used to protect any tooth that has grooves or pits, including baby molars.

The best part about sealants is how quick and easy the application is! First, the tooth will be cleaned and dried before applying the sealant. Then the sealant material is brushed into the grooves of the tooth and a special light is used to help dry and harden the material. Although sealants do protect teeth from plaque and bacteria, regular oral maintenance is still required to help prevent tooth decay.

Do sealants require any special maintenance?

Sealants are basically maintenance free. There are, however, a few steps that can be taken to ensure that the teeth remain healthy. Here are a few things to remember about dental sealants:

• Daily brushing and flossing are still necessary.
• An uneven bite may occur shortly after the application; however, it will soon disappear.
• Hard or sticky foods such as gum and hard candies should avoided. Never chew ice!

For more information on preventing tooth decay, contact your local kids dentist. For Coppell, TX patients, call Dr. Linda and schedule a consultation today!

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