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"With five childrens' mouths to take care of, my family spends a fair amount of time at the dentist. We love Dr. Steele! My children genuinely look forward to their visits. The office is band new--so comfortable for parents and so fun for the kids. There is a big-screen movie theater and several game consoles in the lobby. Children can choose from a very large selection of movies to watch while their dental exam is being done. So many things are done to help the children feel comfortable and to teach them how to take good care of their teeth. The staff is always friendly, informative and professional. I've never had a long wait for an appointment to begin. I highly recommend Dr. Steele!"
-Kate M.

"My daughter was a hard girl to find a dentist for. The newer offices are ones that do NOT allow you to go back with your child, but Dr. Linda didn't do that and my daughter fell in love with her the first time she went to see her. What a great staff they have and they treat us very well. They always answer even the most mundane questions with a smile on their faces. WE LOVE DR. STEELE. Her new offices are great fun also. Love the theater."
- Hunter H.

"Great to have a dentist your kids look forward to going to. Provide quality incentives to keep them interested in taking care of teeth and healthy habits, sits and discusses concerns and plans for future development/needs, and provides an atmosphere children are comfortable. You may pay a little more than down the street but your kid won't be wondering when they're next appointment is over there!"
- Andrew P.

"The office and staff are phenomenal. It is a very comforting and positively distracting experience. My children have had very negative and traumatic experience with other dentist office and Dr. Steele's office has erased their memory forever. Even though Dr. Steele's office is outside our dental network I don't mind paying extra for the wonderful service, professionalism, and personal care. Thank you"
- Maxwell M.

"The entire team is outstanding. Everyone makes us feel welcome every time. And they help ease the momma worry and gladly answer all questions I have. They take care of each of my 5 year old boys like they are their own. My boys absolutely love coming to see Dr. Linda and the entire office. It makes going to the dentist a wonderful experience!"
- Aaron C.

"Dr. Linda Steele is an amazing dentist. She proactively monitors my children's dental health and is extremely skills and caring when dental work is required. I am so glad my children is under her care. The collective experience at Dr.Steele's office is equally top-notch. The staff are professional, courteous and they treat the children like valued patients. The ambiance of the office has also been very well though out and laid out. My kids practically run into their dentist appointments and I feel very comfortable in the waiting area. Truly a gem in the Coppell community!"
- Isabella M.

"I couldn't be more happy with the professionalism from this office! The staff are patient and so kind to my children. They communicate exactly what the visit will entail not only to me, but to my children, which makes for an enjoyable dentist visit! Thank you Dr. Steele and your staff for always going above and beyond to making my family comfortable at your office."
- Brett S.

"We have been seeing Dr Linda for almost 10 years now. It was a great experience as usual - efficient, friendly personnel and great atmosphere for kids! I wouldn't dream of taking my daughter anywhere else for her checkup. Thank you! "
- Tatiana Z.

"Very personable staff. They have bells and whistles at every stop, including a theater, arcade games, vanity tooth brush station and studio themed rooms. Kids really do feel like movie stars moving through the visit here! You walk away with a bag full of new tooth cleaning supplies and a T shirt to wear for next time. You could go else where for cheaper, but I appreciate all of the distractions for the kids so they're not anxious about any treatments, and it's a positive experience."
- Connor S.

"My daughter loved her first dentist appointment with Dr Steele. The staff was amazing and our dental hygienest went above and beyond to help my daughter have a great experience. We loved the movie theater theme with tv's in each room. And the assortment of different flavored floride and tooth polish was impressive. We can't wait for the next cleaning appointment. Thank you for providing such great service to our kiddos."
- Kayla V.

"We had a great experience with Dr. Linda Steele! She is thorough, and most importantly, relates well to me and my children. All three of my kids love going to her office. The coffee, water, movie, and games that are available help pass the time in a fun way for those waiting. The office staff were very helpful as well. I would highly recommend anyone to Dr. Linda Steele!"
- Anonymous

"my kids have been going to the dentist for years and I have never had a staff be so negative to my kids about their teeth. I feel they are just trying to do a lot of unnecessary procedures. Took them to another dentist who saw no need for the work she was trying to get us to do."
- Anonymous

"The entire staff at Dr Steele's office is wonderful. The ladies who assisted my daughter knew she was nervous about her procedure and went out of their way to make sure she knew everything that was going to occur during her visit. Then they talked to her about any subject they could think of to get her mind off of where she was. She left the dentist office with a big smile on her face."
- Anonymous

"Wonderful experience. Dr. Steele opened her practice on an 'off day' to take care of my son's chipped tooth and did a fabulous job of repairing the tooth. It looks good as new and he had minimal discomfort.Thank you again Dr. Linda!"
- Marc H.

"Dr. Steele and staff were great. We were "WOWed" not only by their amazing child friendly and entertaining facility but by there warmth and professionalism. I have taken my 11, 2 1/2, and 18 month old. All 3 experiences were pleasurable.They were also very helpful in entertaining my toddler as my 18 month old was examined. Thanks Dr. Steele and staff! :)"
- Jared I.

"The facility is nice and the staff is friendly. However, the dentist has a demeanor that can be somewhat intimidating. Her answers to my questions seemed abrupt and their scheduling is not very accomodating. They are only open Tuesday to Thursday. The dentist expects you to miss school to get any work done like a filling in that she will only see you late mornings at 10:00 or 10:30am. After one checkup I switched to another destist and he said my kids could wait to have a filling whereas she insisted they be done."
- Anonymous

"I am so thankful for Dr. Steele and her staff!! My daughter had her first loose tooth and I was not ready for that because she is only 4! I called Dr. Steele's office for help and within 15 minutes Dr. Steele called me back-ON HER DAY OFF! She listened to me and was kind enough to come in and see my daughter ON HER DAY OFF! She examined my daughters tooth and took xrays. I so appreciate Dr. Steele for going above and beyond. She is the best(-:"
- Hope H.

"We love Dr. Linda and her staff. They are all so friendly, professional and great with the kiddos. Kids get to watch a fun movie while they are in the dental chair and mom or dad can enjoy the coffee bar while they wait. The video games and media/movie room make it a pleasurable experience even if you have to bring your other little ones to the appointment with you. They think of everything to make it a positive experience for all."
- Andrew S.

"We LOVE Dr Linda! Yesterday, when I picked my daughter up from school for her appointment, she actually did a happy dance all the way to the car! I sure don't remember feeling that way about visiting the dentist! Dr Linda and her staff have made every aspect of their patients' experience as fun as it could be. The office decor, in-office movie theater, prize drawings, and sky high entertainment make visiting the dentist more like an outing than an appointment. The staff's friendliness is unparalleled, and Dr Linda's bedside manner complete the package! You really can have your cake (sugar-free for sure, Dr. Linda!) and eat it too!"
- Addison M.

"I am, as always, beyond impressed with Dr. Linda and every single person working at her office. Everyone is so kind, help make my (usually shy) daughter feel so comfortable, and make everything SO FUN. I appreciate how every tool was shown to her and explained in fun ways at her level, so she knew what to expect. She is still playing with and loving her treasures, and as we were leaving, she said, "That was so fun! I want to come here again!" To be honest, I've never said that about my dentist- especially after a filling. :) Thank you!! We love y'all! Amy Owen"
- Reese O.

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