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Tooth Extraction

Kids can damage their teeth in a lot of different ways. Whether resulting from eating too much sugar or suffering from an injury, there are plenty of hazards to your child’s oral health. A tooth can sometimes become damaged to the point where it is no longer functional and is beyond repair. In these cases, a tooth extraction may be necessary. As a leading kids dentist in Coppell, TX, Linda Steele, DDS is an expert at performing both simple and surgical tooth extractions.

What is the difference between a simple and a surgical tooth extraction?

Simple extractions are performed on teeth that are already visible to the naked eye. These teeth often need to be removed after being damaged by decay or injury. To begin, Dr. Linda will grasp the tooth and move it back and forth to loosen it. Once loosened, the tooth can be easily pulled from the socket. In order to eliminate pain or discomfort, a local anesthetic is used before the extraction takes place.

A surgical tooth extraction is a bit more complicated. It is used to remove teeth that have broken off below the gum line or have not yet emerged. In order to access these teeth, it is necessary to incise the gums and pull back tissue to expose the area. Once the tooth has become visible, it can be removed. Local anesthesia is also used before the extraction takes place.

Does my child need a tooth extraction?

Extracting teeth is usually only necessary if the tooth has fallen victim to severe decay or breakage. However, there are other instances in which it might be appropriate. These include:
• Infection
• Overcrowding
• Severe Periodontitis
• Fracture
• Orthodontic treatment
• Esthetics

To find out if a tooth extraction is necessary for your child, visit a kids dentist. Coppell, TX patients can contact the offices of Dr. Linda to schedule a consultation today!

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