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Preventive Dentistry

As a leading pediatric dentist in the Coppell, TX area, Dr. Linda is an expert on preventive dentistry for children. Preventive dentistry is a term used to refer to the different steps that you can take to preserve good oral health. It is also the best way to avoid the stressful and expensive dental treatments that are needed to correct gum disease and tooth decay. Here are a few tips to help you protect your child’s teeth and avoid illness.

Starting Early

It is never too early to begin preventive dentistry for children. As soon as the first tooth erupts, brushing and flossing should begin. Healthy habits begin in childhood, so it is also important to set an example for your kids. Remember that regularly scheduled checkups and cleanings can go a long way in preventing tooth decay!

The cornerstone of preventive dentistry for children is knowing how to brush and floss properly. A good technique is the best defense against plaque and tooth decay. Children who are too young to spit should use a non-fluoridated paste especially designed for infants and toddlers. (Dr. Linda recommends Orajel toddler Training Toothpaste.) After your child learns to spit, you may switch to a paste with fluoride. Be sure to supervise how much paste your child uses, a small smear to pea-size is the proper amount.

You should teach your child to floss at the same time they learn to brush. They many need help until they are old enough and to do a thorough job on their own. Teach your child to gently slide the floss up and down the sides of each tooth. They may need your help until they are old enough to do a thorough job on their own. Flossing before brushing loosens the debris in between the teeth and at the gum line so it may be whisked away with a toothbrush.

Provide your child with a soft bristled child-sized toothbrush and make sure that they do not brush too hard or too fast. Children should hold the brush at a 45 degree angle and brush in small circles along the gum line. A normal tooth brushing session should last about two minutes and occur at least twice a day. A timer, or an electric toothbrush with a timer, is an excellent way to ensure your child brushes adequately. If done properly, brushing and flossing everyday can greatly reduce the risk of gum disease or tooth decay.

For more information on preventive dentistry for children in Coppell, TX, contact Dr. Linda and schedule your child’s appointment today!

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