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Teens (12 to 18 Years)

When your child enters his or her teens, they are introduced to a whole new set of oral health risks. They also become increasingly more concerned with their appearance. This makes dentistry for children just as important as it was earlier in life. As a leading kids dentist for Coppell, TX patients, Linda Steele, DDS can help treat and prevent any staining, decay, or misalignment that might embarrass your child or cause discomfort. Here is a short list of risk factors that can affect the oral health of your teen:


Tobacco products are notoriously harmful to oral health. In fact, tobacco users are up to six times more likely to develop oral cancer than those who do not use tobacco. They are also at a much higher risk for gum disease and tooth decay. Teens that use tobacco are often subjected to invasive dentistry for children as the only means of improving their oral health. In order to avoid painful gum surgery or tooth extractions, it is best to avoid tobacco products altogether.

Poor Diet

During the teenage years, your children are more likely to consume large amounts of soft drinks and junk food than at any other time in life. Unfortunately, due the high levels of sugar and acids in these items, they can quickly erode tooth enamel and cause cavities. While it may be alright to consume junk food in moderation, excessive sugar or acid intake can cause severe damage to teeth and result in the need for corrective dentistry for children.

Tongue and Lip Piercings

Many teens enjoy having oral piercings in their lips, cheeks, or tongue. Unfortunately, these piercings can have consequences on your oral health. Immediate risks include swelling, infection, and soreness. Even after the piercing has healed, it can still crack or chip teeth. In order to avoid corrective dentistry for children, it is best to avoid these types of piercings altogether.

Kids Dentist for Coppell, TX Patients

These are just a few of the oral health risks that your teen will face. Additional risks can include eating disorders, sports injuries, and the emergence of wisdom teeth. For more information about dentistry for children, contact Dr. Linda and schedule a consultation today!

Eating Disorders

  • Teenagers are at an increased risk for developing eating disorders.
  • Bulimia damages teeth as the stomach acid comes in contact with the teeth.
  • Bulimics typically have frequent cavities, browning of the teeth, and thinning of tooth enamel.

Wisdom Teeth

  • Your dentist may recommend your child's wisdom teeth be removed.
  • Wisdom teeth are commonly removed to prevent crowding and future decay as they are typically difficult to reach when brushing.
  • Wisdom tooth removal is done by an oral surgeon and we may recommend you visit one for further evaluation.


  • Dental injuries are the most common form of injury to the face.
  • Nearly half of all dental injuries can be prevented by the use of a mouthguard. 
  • Use mouthguards during activities involving falls, risk of head contact with equipment, or risk of head contact with other players.

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