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Children (2 to 11 Years)

By the age of three, your child’s baby teeth will most likely have fully erupted. Their teeth will be erupting and exfoliating (falling out), creating a pattern of what is known as mixed dentition that usually begins around the age of six. Between the ages of two and 11 years, kids dental care is just as important as ever. As a top provider of dentistry for children in Coppell, TX, Dr. Linda Steele would like to inform you of some common issues that arise in kids dental care during this age:

Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding, or bruxism, can begin very early on. While nobody knows exactly what causes this in children, it is clear that it can have drastic consequences on oral health. Over time, patients who grind their teeth may experience gum recession or misalignment of their teeth. As a result, it is important to correct teeth grinding earlier on before any damage is done. If your child does not stop grinding by the age of 12, you may need to visit Dr. Steele to discuss available kids dental care solutions.

Brushing and Flossing Techniques

Teaching your child how to brush and floss should begin as soon as the first tooth erupts. Keeping a clean mouth is an important part of preventing decay and tooth loss. Here are a few kids dental care tips to teach your children:

• Brush and floss every morning and night.
• You should brush your teeth for at least two minutes each time.
• Toothbrushes should be changes at least every three months.

Since younger children do not yet possess the right amount of dexterity, it is recommended that you floss your child’s teeth until they reach six or seven. This will help to keep the tissue healthy and prevent future complications.

Maintain a Healthy Diet

The foods that you eat can have a huge impact on the quality of your oral health. Avoiding sugary food items will help to prevent decay. Likewise, fruit juices, soda and sports drinks contain large amounts of acids that can break down tooth enamel and lead to decay, so it is best to enjoy these drinks in limited amounts or avoid them all together.

Dentistry for Children in Coppell, TX

Between the ages of two and 11, your child’s mouth will undergo huge changes. Maintaining good oral health is therefore very important during this time. For more kids dental care tips, contact Dr. Steele and schedule a consultation today!

Bruxism (Teeth Grinding)

Bruxism, often called teeth grinding, can develop in children as young as six years old. Experts are not sure why children and adults grind their teeth but most agree that treating the issue is less pressing in younger patients. 
  • Grinding usually occurs when the first permanent tooth erupts
  • Most children will stop grinding by the age of 12.
  • If your child does not stop, additional care may be needed.

Brushing and Flossing

Many of the truths of oral hygiene for adults are also true for children. Having good oral hygiene prevents tooth decay, tooth loss, and additional dental problems. It is important to always:
  • Brush and floss after each meal and before bed.
  • Brush for at least two minutes each session. Timers are good for promoting this habit.
  • Change your toothbrushes every three months.
  • Floss your child's teeth for them until the age of six or seven. Small children can irritate the gums while flossing so it's best to assist them until they are older.
  • Floss that is attached to a dental handle is usually easier for children to use.

Diet and Habits

  • Sugar promotes tooth decay and can cause cavities. Enjoy sugary foods and drinks in moderation and brush after each consumption!
  • Fruit juice are typically highly acidic and can break down enamel on the teeth. Water down your juices or skip them all together!
  • Prevent children from sucking on their fingers or pacifiers. Sucking habits can cause the permanent teeth to develop crooked and can severely affect their bite. 

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